Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I am really having trouble getting back into my healthy lifestyle since returning from vacation. I did exercise a few times each week while on my cruise, which is way different than my old life. I gained 4lbs during the 3 wks of my vacation. Now I am just trying to get back into that routine that I started before I left. Walking after work is more difficult now because it is so dark when I get home and there are not many street lights in my neighborhood. That means going to the gym, I have never been able to make the gym thing stick. I hate way too much today. I need my willpower back. I had my first fill Monday and I cannot even tell. I need to keep trying until I find a way to fit my workouts back into my life.


  1. keep trying!! sometimes it takes a few tries with the fill to mske it work!!

  2. Not to get you down, but I think I had 3 fills before I felt anything. Just eat small meals when you need them. As for exercise, I'm the worst at trying to find time between work and home. I finally bought some DVD's I could do at home. I made sure they all had routines that were about an 1/2 hour so I could make the time.
    It's always hard to come back from vacation - take care!


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