Monday, November 16, 2009

living to eat

Everyone knows that the city of New Orleans is known for its food. As long as I can remember our holidays have centered around food. As a child, I can still remember Christmas morning after the gifts, everyone heading for dining room for a huge breakfast, followed by my Mom's unbelievable spread of food for lunch and dinner. She cooked a pot of gumbo for Christmas that could literally feed a whole block! That same spread is offered at every family member's house we visit that day.

Then after the holidays when everyone else is concentrating on losing weight for their New Years resolutions, we have MARDI GRAS. Starting on the Twelfth Night or Three Kings Day, the King CAKES start to circulate. We only have them between Jan.6-Mardi Gras day. Also during that time, the pre-Mardi Gras Parade season begins. My family does the BBQ, Hot dogs, Corn Dogs, Fried Chicken and Jambalaya at the parades which begin 2 wks before Mardi Gras day or Fat Tuesday. Fat Tuesday of course is the famous day of stuffing yourself as much as possible before Lent.

Lent is an easy time for us dieters here in the Big Easy because that is when every one here starts their "NEW YEARS DIETING".

After Lent, our seafood seasons begin. Crawfish boils with piles of crawfish and buttered corn, shrimp boils with more of the same. This goes on all the way till the summer when we begin the summer BBQ's.

This year, I have to find away to incorporate these century old family traditions into my new healthier lifestyle. In my world pigging out and eating unhealthy has become expected at our get-togethers. My willpower will be tested and tested again each weekend. My challenge this New Years, will be to find ways to get my brain to understand that I can enjoy them but only in moderation.

That is easier said then done when the arouma of King Cake will soon be everywhere I go. I realize that my weight problem is a product of our culture as it is my own failure to control my poor food choices and portions.


  1. Dee, I am a little jealous you are surrounded by so much awesome food...but I see how it could be a problem.

    Now I have a question for you - what kind of cake do you make for King's Cake? We have been going to an Episcopal church and I am trying to incorporate some new traditions for my kids. That seems like a good one. Want to share?

  2. Hi Dee,

    As a former resident of the Crescent City (I went to grad school at Tulane) I fully understand your food temptations! You said you had no restriction - that stinks! This is the whole reason you got the band, right? Don't beat yourself up in advance. Pick some of your favorite foods ahead of time, and acknowledge that you will have some...just try not to "fall off the wagon" - I didn't intend to eat A, but now I did, so I might as well eat B, C, and D - that's what I typically do, and am hoping to avoid.

    Take care,



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