Wednesday, November 25, 2009

just trying to hang on

I called to move my 2nd fill appt up to Monday after Thanksgiving. There is absolutely nothing that I can't eat and to be perfectly honest, after having my first fill there was no difference. I know that I have a band in my tummy because I paid for it, but I do not feel any difference today than the day I went in to have surgery.

One of my favorite banders on here is Sally. She gives great advice on what has been successful for her and I am trying to incorporate some of the things she did. Journaling my food was never good for me, I tried it with WW and always failed. My job is very mobile and carrying a notebook is not practical. What I realized today is that I have a great tool for logging my foods, my Smart phone! I don't have a diet program on it but I don't really need one. Just a word program to write down my foods that I eat to make me accountable for goes into my mouth. Happy Turkey Day to everyone!

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  1. Great idea, Dee! When you go to the doctor on Monday, ask questions about your band - how much fluid can it hold, how much is in it, when does the doctor expect you to start feeling some restriction, why does he/she think you're not feeling restriction already, what should you expect to feel after this next adjustment ...


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