Friday, November 20, 2009


I have done cardio everyday, even changed it up from doing run/walking on treadmill to elliptical machine. Last week I added a little strength training to the mix. I walk with my husband for an hour in the evenings.

I don't weigh/measure my portions because I HATE IT. I did that with WW and I just don't like it. But I have started using a small plate and try to eat more protein than anything.

Mr. Scale has not budged. No Gain, No loss. Just basically stuck on the same 20 lbs.

My last fill did nothing at all and my next fill is not until Dec.8th. I am soooo frustrated and just plain disgusted with my lack of progress :(((

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  1. Please don't get frustrated. My surgery was in Aug 08 and I only lost 20-25 lbs. between then and January. In January the doc got the band filled to the appropriate level for me and the weight loss really began in earnest. Make sure you're journaling your food intake accurately even if you're not measuring your foods.


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