Monday, October 12, 2009

Preparation and Planning

Yesterday I had the most challenging day I have had since being banded. I attended a birthday party 90 minutes from home for my granddaughter. It was held at one of those children party centers and I failed horribly. In my pre-banded days, I would have let it turn into a reason to give up all together and gain back all the 20 lbs I lost and more.

Instead, I am going to try to live and learn, pick myself up and work through the hurdle. I started out doing well, I had a healthy breakfast. I was told there was a little concession stand so I figured I could find something, even if it was just a hamburger patty or salad. WRONG! Only food there were hot dogs, nachos, white bread sandwiches loaded with mayo. I did buy some water and tried sipping it all day. We left home at 10am and now it's 2pm and I'm starving. Finally all my willpower died and ate 8 *1/4* finger sandwiches, which in itself wouldn't have been entirely bad, but of course I let myself have a piece of birthday cake, granted it was a smaller piece than I normally would have taken. I did no exercises yesterday either.

I beat myself up about overeating the entire 90 minute drive home, refused to eat dinner, took a xanax and went to sleep. I was miserable.

How the hell am I going to make it through 3 wks of vacationing if I cannot control myself at a one day outing? I am trying to learn from it and be better prepared the next time. Maybe pack a protein shake and some veggies in a small lunch bag. Next time I go to a child's birthday party, I will go with the assumption there will be no healthy foods and bring my own!

Today is another day and I have determined NOT to let yesterday send me into a eating binge.


  1. It happens to ALL of us, please take it easy on yourself. Remember, the important thing is that you do the right thing 90 or 95% of the time. You don't have to be 100% perfect, that is unrealistic.

    You probably ate way less than you would have pre-band days, and you did not allow this one episode to turn into an excuse to gain back 20 pounds, right? So that is actually a victory!!!

    Please be kind to yourself. We need to lose this good/bad dieting mentality. There is nothing wrong with a small piece of cake once in a while.

    For the rest of the vacation, try eating protein before you go out. Try a protein bar. I do the Atkins bars, which are like 150-170 cals and satisfy my taste for something sweet while giving me the protein that (usually) keeps me from eating too much.

    Enjoy your vacation, and be kind to yourself!

  2. Ease up on yourself, girlfriend!!
    You didn't commit a murder- you overate, for heaven's sake.
    Even though you're trying to be kind to yourself-- please re-double the effort and look at this as an opportunity to look back and learn.

    It looks like you're already asking yourself the right questions:
    How do I do things differently next time?
    What triggered me to eat and how could I possibly get that into control in the future.

    Finally: look at this objectively, as if you were your doctor. I have to look back at where you are, but overeating like that could mean that it is time to review your status with the surgeon's office and possibly get a fill. (I think you're new to the band though... are you in 'bandster hell' right now?) Sorry, and duh!!

    The point is that life is filled with days, some good and some bad-- it is the overall progress you're looking for.

    For your vacation, think about how you can be 'gently' successful-- not how you can be totally restrictive with yourself. That will backfire. Plan to have some treats and use a rules system of eating to give you a system....

    I hope this helps and it comes from someone who knows the feeling.... gentle hugs to you!!!


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