Thursday, September 10, 2009

shake it baby!

My doctor introduced me to protein shakes by Prescript. They taste pretty good, so far I have only tried the chocolate and crunch protein bars. I have doing the protein shakes a week now and lost 4 lbs. I realize most of it will probably be water-weight, but I expected to lose more. I also walked 5 of 7 days for an hour. Well my surgery is Tuesday (5 more days), so there is still time to lose more before then.

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  1. Hi Dee! I get to be your first follower! The pre-op liquid diet is no fun. I tried to put myself on one early before surgery and gave up after a week. Then I did my doctor's 3 day clear liquid diet, which was really hard, but I lived through it. Your surgery is so soon!!! Keep drinking those protein shakes, your band date will be here in no time!


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