Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My husband and I love to travel. One our most favorite are cruises. We have come to a time in our life when we are lucky enough the have the funds, time & health to do them. October 17th we set off on our next adventure for 3 weeks, 1 week will be spent exploring the northeast. Vermont, Maine, Cape Cod, Salem, Plymouth Rock and Boston. Then we leave on a fabulous 2 wk cruise from Boston. We will enjoy ports at each of the Virgin Isles, Guatemala and Mexico. I can't wait.

I have always taken for granted that a cruise had to mean overeating and gaining weight, in the past I have gone on cruises fully intending to eat and drink as much as i could. This time I will cruising during my new HEALTHY lifestyle. I have given alot of thought and planning on how to accomplish this. First of all, I have got to stop thinking that a vacation must include over-indulging to be fun. I have to stop associating events in my life with food.

Here are some of my ideas. Right now my husband and I walk together 90 minutes each morning and 60 minutes in the evening. So my thoughts are to include a walk on the ships walking track at sunrise and after dinner whenever possible. I also plan to visit their spa/gym each day for some bodysculpting and maybe even take a few new classes that I may like to try. That will take care of my exercises for the trip.

The big thing with me on cruises is that there is food everywhere and of course the alcohol. I will simply have to stay away from the alcohol because I only like those fruity drinks that are loaded with sugar. Food? My thoughts are to try to stick with seafood dishes and veggies. I have to be careful with their soups since most of them are fatty cream type soups.

Incorporating my new HEALTHY lifestyle during travel has to be accomplished if I am to make this journey work for new life!

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